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f you're a mobile app development agency, software development agency, system integrator (SI), managed service provider (MSP), value added service provider (VAS) or hosting provider, you can expand your product catalog with BitCap. Joining our Partner Program is fast and easy. 

BitCap global success is reinforced by our network of professional business partners, who provide premium cloud computing products to their customers as an extension of their own offerings, or as a recommended suite of products.

Offering BitCap’s products not only provides credibility, and added services for your customers, but also generates additional income at no expense to you. 

 We offers two partnership options to suit every type of business:

1.Affiliate Program
Anyone can join this program and start generating extra income.  Regardless of your core business activity, you can refer clients to BitCap and we will pay per client you refer or a percentage of the business generated by your introductions.

Rest assured that our dedicated team of cloud specialists will provide the best in products and customer service to the clients you refer, and maintain your reputation as a business professional.  Best of all, there are no costs involved in becoming a BitCap Affiliate Partner and the earning potential is significant. 

2.Partners and White-Label Program

If you are already active in the IT sector, BitCap’s Partners Program is probably more suited to you.  Either buy BitCap’s products at wholesale and resell to your clients, or take advantage of BitCap’s professional white-label package that provides you with all the tools necessary to sell BitCap’s products as if they were your own, with no need to invest in the products upfront.

Whatever path you choose, BiCap provides your customers with the best of cloud computing products and services, including flexible configuration, CPU power, block storage, load balancers, firewalls, DNS and more, and the ability to scale up and down immediately.

Our Partners

Typically, our partner profile consists of providers of software or hardware systems as well as consultants who work with cloud computing infrastructures.  These types of companies have expertise in software and operating systems, and partnering with Kamatera allows them to offer a reliable, high performance cloud infrastructure to their clients.

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